A Few interesting Beer-Related Facts

Do you have to have a beard to run a brewery? Are all beers the same? Do women have taste buds? These and other interesting questions are addressed by Louise, our in-house Master of Beer!

  1. Hops are fantastic but putting loads of hops into a beer (so it dries your mouth out!) isn’t skilful. The skill in making a good beer is getting the balance right between the sweetness of the malts complemented by the dryness and bitterness which comes from the hops – that’s what makes a well-crafted beer.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have a beard to have a brewery. Both Pete The Brewer and I are clean shaven!
  3. Beer was originally brewed by women to support the household income. In Cornwall, it was often a widow who had no other way of earning money who would make beer and sell it in her home, These unlicensed beer-sellers became known as ‘Tiddly-winks’!
  4. Amazingly, women do have all the physical attributes required to appreciate beer! In fact women have a greater ability to distinguish between high numbers or aromas and flavours, making us great brewers. Meet a few awesome female brewers here.
  5. Health benefits of beer; yes beer is good for you! Research has consistently shown that moderate consumption of beer can actually benefit your health by reducing your risk of heart disease and strengthening your bones. Obviously it’s a fine line…
  6. Proper English/British IPA’s are strong , 4.8% + in strength.  The high alcohol levels come from when it was transported to India in colonial times. The high alcohol levels helped preserve it during the long journey.
  7. Not all beer is the same. Just because you’ve tried one beer which didn’t fit the bill doesn’t mean that you don’t like all beer. Every beer is individual with it’s own unique flavour profile. Keep trying different styles and be adventurous – you’re bound to find one you like!
  8. Beer is a live product, which can change and evolve with age. You have to keep it well in order to get the most out of it – just like fine wines!

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