Ideas for eco-friendly wedding favours

As part of our ambition to become a truly green wedding venue, every year we try to ensure the events we host continue to reduce our impact on the environment out of respect for future generations. In this next blog in our Sustainable Weddings series, we’re focussing on eco-friendly ideas for wedding favours.  

Forget sweet wrappers and cellophane gift bags; an eco-favour is much better for the planet, particularly if you’re having a big wedding and providing favours for hundreds of guests. Below are some of our favourite green wedding favour ideas.

Double Up with Place Cards

Do away with heavily packaged favours and place cards. Instead of printing names on throwaway bits of paper for the table, you could bake 100 biscuits – as favours and name tags! Or you could make personalised coasters from sustainable materials… There are any number of craft projects that people can love and take home.

DIY Favours

Use reusable jars to serve up homemade jam, a herb cutting, hot chocolate mix or handmade soap for your guests. Little bags of confetti are a lovely addition to the table, and you can make your own very easily by drying out rose petals which you can collect from neighbours and friends’ gardens. If you can’t source enough petals, you can buy natural, 100% biodegradable petal confetti from most florists.

Give Gifts That Keep Giving

Buy favours that give back to the environment – like packets of wildflower seeds. We love the lovely little tins by Seedball – perhaps each table could be gifted a different variety? You can make your own birdseed favours easily too.

We care very much for our land and sea here on the north Cornish coast, and ask that you help us preserve it for those following in our footsteps. Coming soon in the series, our guide to low-carbon wedding catering.

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