Introducing… Lupulus, our unique Hopped Gin!

We recently collaborated with Atlantic Distillery to devise a new and unique gin using organically-grown English hops!   

We’ve loved working with Atlantic Distillery; they share our core business values, including reducing their environmental impact and supporting the local economy and community. 

Atlantic Distillery and Brewery

Based at Indian Queens near Newquay, Atlantic Distillery has been making award-winning spirits since 2016. They’re incredibly proud to be Cornwall’s only Soil Association-certified organic spirit producer. Owner and Founder of Atlantic Brewery and Distillery, Stuart Thomson outlines why their organic producer status is of such importance to them:

“The absence of herbicides, pesticides and insecticides from the farming methods we use means agri-chemicals cannot get into the food chain and the fields can support an ecosystem.”

Driftwood Spars Brewery

The basis for our Cornish Hopped Gin, Lupulus, is organically grown Fuggle – a revered English hop. Discovered as a chance seedling in 1861 and first propagated by Richard Fuggle in Kent in 1875, Fuggle was once a prominent English hop used in brewing. Nowadays, it’s venerated as a classic English aromatic hop with a wonderful, delicate, minty, grassy and slightly floral aroma.

Lupulus (which is Latin for hops) is rich with pronounced citrus notes. The complex hop oils, which permeate the premium gin base, deliver delicate minty, grassy and green tea notes together with classic gin botanicals.

Keith Tyack, Driftwood Manager, describes this gin as:

 “My new go-to ‘cliffside garden gin’ – perfect for sinking into a deck chair with on a sunny afternoon! It’s refreshing and complex at the same time, with the aromatic hops adding real depth of flavour. The whole team love it and will be recommending it at the bar all summer long!”

Best served with premium tonic and a slice of lemon, we think you will love this deliciously light, aromatic gin! 

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